College Honors Scholar Research Project on Aum Shinrikyō and the Media
This is the 25-page research paper I wrote investigating the Aum Shinrikyo attack on the Tokyo subway in 1995. In it, I analyzed the interactions between West and East media language surrounding "religious terrorism," cults, exoticism, and sensationalism. Furthermore, I illustrated bias and implications regarding foreign policy. I presented the findings in a special seminar to 20 other students.
The College Honors Scholar program is a special program in the College of Arts and Science that focuses on research and specialized writing seminars. I am interested in international communication, highlighted by my coursework in JAPN 3891: Special Topics in Advanced Japanese, and my research project on Aum Shinrikyo which can be viewed in the Research tab. I hope to combine my efforts in global bridging with computer science, making products and ideas more accessible for all.
April 2018 – Presentation of Findings

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