NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Mars 2020 Rover
Summer 2020
Technologies used: React, Redux, C++, Python, Bash
At NASA JPL, I worked on Surface Simulation which allowed rover planners to simulate the terrain of Mars, write and edit rover sequences that would control movement, and plan different routes. 
Vanguard – Cloud Platforms for Investments
Summer 2019
Technologies used: AWS, Python, React, JavaScript, Angular, Vue
At Vanguard, I worked on developing a cloud platform for traders to perform calculations and simulations more effectively, saving $75,000+ in egress data transfer and improving speed of financial calculations.
January 2018 – Present
VandyHacks is the hackathon organization at Vanderbilt University, attracting over 600 students from 68+ universities across the US. As co-president, I help lead our team of 40 organizers.
January 2018 – Present
VandyApps hosts multiple weekly workshops teaching the Vanderbilt community topics in CS ranging from convolutional neural networks to interview prep.

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